India’s most haunted place

India is a mystical country indeed, with its numerous forts, forests and historical sites wrapped in its own unique enigma. One such site is Bhangarh Fort, which is located in Alwar district in Rajasthan. The Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort built in the Rajasthan state of India and is now amongst the most haunted place in India

Many stories and Bhangarh incidents make up the unique tale of this fort. One such myth says that the city of Bhangarh was cursed by the Guru Balu Nath, causing the town’s evacuation. Balu Nath cursed the town, saying that the moment the shadows of the palaces touch him, the city shall perish. Ignoring the curse, one of the descendants built the palace to such great heights that it did reach Balu Nath, thus destroying the city of Bhangarh instantaneously.

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